More success at Major League Round 2

The club continued to be on top form for Round 2 of the Major League at Hitchin Pool, with lots of impressive times and PBs. Thomas Currie led the way with the first PB of the night, finishing second in the Open Boys 100m IM, quickly followed by Billy Cyl with a PB in the U14 100m Breaststroke. The boys team continued their strong performance with 5 victories overall. Archie Rann had an impressive win in the U16 100m Butterfly, Billy Cyl won the U14 50m Butterfly and Maxx To was victorious in both the U16 100m Freestyle and 100m Breaststroke. Tommy Liddiard had a great swim to secure first place in the Open Boys 100m Breaststroke and second place in the Open Boys 100m Backstroke. Other top 3 finishes for the Boys team included Samuel Brand, U12 50m Breaststroke, Charlie Cox, U14 100m Freestyle, Thomas Currie, Open Boys 100m Freestyle, Harry Earl, U12 50m Freestyle and Oliver Tom, U16 100m Backstroke.

The girls team also had some outstanding performances, with top 3 finishes and PBs for Martha Currie, U16 100m Butterfly, Rachael Carpenter, Open 100m Breaststroke and 100m Freestyle, Amy Liddiard, U14 100m Backstroke and Holly Yeoman, Open Girls 100m Backstroke. Personal bests were also achieved by Natalie Bolton, U16 100m Backstroke, Macy Cyl, U14 100m Freestyle, Jessica Hutchins, U12 50m Backstroke and 50m Freestyle, Amy Liddiard, U14 100m Breaststroke and Amelia Thompson, U16 100m Breaststroke and 100m Freestyle.

It was a tough gala but we battled hard to keep our closest rivals at bay, securing second place on the night by just half a point. With second place finishes in both rounds 1 and 2, we were optimistic for a strong final round, but sadly this has been declared void. Consequently, we are delighted to have finished runners up in Division Two this year – an amazing and fantastic result.

By Nicola Rix